Deliverable Branding
Sector Health & Wellness
Year Jul 2024

Dirty Labs

Revolutionary new enzyme-based, biodegradable, and biorenewable laundry detergent.

Cleaning With a Clean Conscience

In early 2020, we worked with Dirty Labs to develop an identity and packaging design system for their revolutionary new laundry detergent. Their enzyme-based formula is 99% biodegradable and biorenewable. Their unique formula aims to do away with the reliance on harmful chemicals present in so many leading detergent brands.

“It’s ironic to us that many cleaning products still rely on harmful chemicals that also dirty the planet. While some green cleaners are safer, they just don’t work as well. We believe clean ingredients shouldn’t mean sacrificing performance. Determined to find a smarter way to clean, we turned to nature for inspiration. By using cutting-edge bioenzymes and emerging green chemistry, we’re reimagining cleaning—from the dirt up.”

In a market overwhelmed with brightly colored plastic tubs, it was essential to create an identity that would allow the product to stand out and make a statement. The Dirty Labs team knew they wanted to use a container that was as green as the product itself; they landed on a recycled aluminum canister. To pair with this canister, we created an identity and packaging system that balances seriousness with fun to mirror the name’s personality.

Photos by Scott Snyder
Collaboration with Plural

As the enzymes are so central to the product itself, we wanted to create a pattern to help visualize the enzymes at work. We created a pattern system based on six unique shapes, symbolizing the six bioenzymes in the Dirty Labs formula. The overlapping illustrates the enzymes working together to tackle stains and odors while creating a strong visual tie to the symbol.

The pattern adapts and changes with each new instance, on the canisters themselves, boxes, and even on the website.

To carry over the holistic commitment to green practices, we worked to help create an exciting set of recycled shipping boxes that work to frame and showcase the canisters upon opening.

When developing the symbol, we wanted to showcase the enzymes at work. We created a mark that harkens to the six bioenzymes in the formula, working together. The result was a mark with six pieces overlapping to create a flower’s shape in the negative space—carrying over their commitment to green, clean, cleaning.

“If it’s harmful to you or to the planet, we leave it out.”

Dirty Labs is committed to the idea of clean-cleaning, using the most cutting-edge science, biobased, and biorenewable ingredients without compromising their product’s performance, safety, or the planet.

Deliverable Branding
Sector Health & Wellness
Year Jul 2024