Deliverable Art Direction, Branding, Strategy
Sector Finance
Year Apr 2018

Spero Ventures

Spero believes that no matter what changes technology may bring, the things that matter most to us today will continue to matter most to us in the future.

Investing in things that make life worth living.

When first talking with the Spero team it was evident that they are infinitely hopeful for the future and determined to help build one that belongs to everyone.

They approach each day as a new opportunity to create change. We gravitated towards the symbolism and meaning of the dawn to echo this mentality. The Dawn implies the notions of illumination and hope, the beginning of a new day, and thus a chance for happiness and improvement.

We developed the Spero symbol to display an abstracted sunrise through a frame, symbolizing their view of the future; this sets the visual tone for the brand. Building upon the sunrise motif, we dismantled and reassembled the symbol in a myriad of different ways allowing the viewer to have a new view of the sunrise with each new instance. Through simple color change, we were able to examine what would happen if you shifted your preconceived notions of what a sunrise looked like, producing a system with movement, change, and hope.

Spero means hope in Latin. This insight is at the forefront of all decisions made by the Spero team. They are optimistic about the role of technology in building a better world, and mission-driven entrepreneurs give them hope that they will shape a better future.

Mast helped them bring this hope to life, visually. Through the use of abstracted shapes and a bright color palette, we were able to translate their energy and excitement into a system that will stay with them for years to come, no matter what the future holds.

We worked with the team at 23 to transition the brand into the digital space while not standing in the way of the mission of Spero. We achieved this by letting the brand take a back seat to let the areas of Spero’s focus be at the center of the digital experience.


By creating a flexible system that can adapt and change to the future of Spero we ensured that no matter what collateral needed designing, at launch or in the future, it would not feel stale. Each time showcasing the core elements of the brand, through a new frame.

Deliverable Art Direction
Sector Finance
Year Apr 2018