Deliverable Art Direction, Branding, Naming, Signage, Strategy
Sector Retail
Year Jun 2015


Lore is a boutique in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver, where stories are told and learned through their select pieces and classes.

A Body of Traditions

Lore is a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject typically passed from person to person by word of mouth. Alex and Kiley at Lore wanted to expand on that by creating a space where stories are told and learned through their select pieces and classes. They wanted to bring creatives together to further their knowledge on things that inspire them.

We worked with them to develop a brand and a space that paid homage to their mission. Starting with the name, we then developed the visual identity in conjunction with the buildout of their physical location. This allowed us to pick materials for the space that reference the brand, and allowed the brand to be influenced by the space.

Interior & product photos by Scott Snyder

Not only does Lore have a physical location, but an online shop as well. We worked with them to develop a clean, beautiful shopping experience online that they could easily update through Shopify.

We then worked with them to shoot products and develop a visual style for all social posts.

When developing the symbol for Lore, we were struck by the beauty and uniquity of the flowers that bloom once a year on the tea plant.

The flower blooms only once a year, but deposits seeds right before winter hibernation. Allowing growth and re-growth throughout the year. This constant cycle of growth and change passed on from year to year felt akin to the passing of traditions and knowledge where Lore finds its name.

Community involvement through classes is a large part of the mission at Lore, offering seasonal classes including block printing, calligraphy, wreath making, and tea blending.

We worked to ensure that every touchpoint within the space aligned with the brand, from the exterior signage, to the lighting, to the wood accents.

We even designed and machined a custom pattern to be cut from wood for the POS counter.

Staging photoshoots outside of the physical space gives potential customers the ability to picture the pieces in the environment of a home.

We also shot detailed product shots, allowing customers to see the fine details and nuances of each piece.

By showing pieces in use and by themselves, we allowed the customers to see the beauty in each piece, while envisioning the pieces fitting into their lives.

Deliverable Art Direction
Sector Retail
Year Jun 2015