Deliverable Branding
Sector Design & Architecture
Year Nov 2020


A Colorado-based architecture firm creating personalized work that excites and improves daily life.

Design to Improve Daily Life.

After 30+ years in business, KGA has become one of Colorado’s oldest and most respected residential architecture firms. Unlike many in the market, KGA is not interested in forcing aesthetics and principles on its clients. They believe that a successful design serves the client above all else; they strive to create personalized work that excites and improves daily life. This removal of ego allows their clients to feel heard and respected, allowing for creativity to flourish. KGA calls this idea “pure design.”

Ahead of their 35th anniversary, the KGA team approached Mast to help revitalize and refresh their identity to reflect the firm’s values better. We worked closely with their team to create a flexible, elevated, and engaging identity that aligns with the work they are doing now and in the future.

In our discussions with the KGA team, it was clear that there was a strong desire to introduce a symbol into the identity. Only utilizing their name left them wanting more from their identity. We worked with them to develop a strong, modern, approachable symbol for the firm’s future. The symbol itself harkens to classic and modern building forms. Upon first glance, one might see the corner of a building, a roofline, or an abstraction of KGA. We wanted to create a simple mark that could possess many different outcomes for the viewer—echoing the flexibility and versatility of their work.

Before / After

After utilizing vibrant orange and vibrant green over the history of the firm, a change was needed. Through a minimal color palette with a nod to their history, we allow the work to speak for itself. Showcasing honesty and the idea of pure design.

Inspired by the forms of modern and classical architecture, we created a simplified, playful pattern system to be used throughout the buildout of the brand. The system showcases the belief that the best design is one that serves the client. Personalized work that excites and improves daily life. Resulting in a flexible, innovative pattern that puts the focus on the work itself.

The pattern system can be as expansive or truncated as needed to fit the space. Allowing for a versatile and adaptable pattern system inspired by the varied work of the firm.
Designs that Create Community

“Community means different things to different people — and designing for community takes on different shapes and sizes depending on the project. At KGA, we specialize in all facets of residential design with community placed squarely at the center of each project. For our homeowner clients, we think about personal community — family and friends — and how your home will bring them together. For our builder and developer clients, we look holistically at how your project fits within a community ecosystem, and how that can contribute to a stronger neighborhood and healthier individuals within it. Finally, we believe community starts inside our professional home with the KGA team. Design should be fun. That’s why we listen, we collaborate, and we have a good time doing it.”

Through the isolation of singular pattern elements, we created a system of windows to be used in conjunction with photography. Creating a visual that embodies the idea of looking through a window into the world of KGA.

Deliverable Branding
Sector Design & Architecture
Year Nov 2020