Deliverable Art Direction, Branding, Signage
Sector Design & Architecture
Year Feb 2024


A brand for an architecture duo that embodies the modern sophistication and inviting warmth found within the spaces they design.

Harmony of Form and Function

An architecture studio led by husband-and-wife duo Angelo and Nancy Marasco, Cadence prioritizes quality craftsmanship and client collaboration above all else. With a deeply personal approach, they treat each project with passion and dedication, treating every project and property as if it were their own. Eschewing ego-driven design, Angelo and Nancy are committed to creating functional and aesthetically captivating spaces that genuinely resonate with their clients’ needs and desires.

By intentionally limiting the number of projects they undertake simultaneously, they uphold their commitment to delivering tailored support to each client.

Having amassed over a decade of experience in the industry, they sought out the Mast team to collaborate on crafting a brand that truly reflects their unique style and visual sensibilities. Together, they aimed to develop a brand identity infused with the perfect blend of classical modernism and inviting warmth, mirroring the essence of their work. This collaboration resulted in a brand that perfectly embodies this seamless blend.

Website: Kinetic Studio
Copywriting: Katewordsmith

Photography: JC Buck + Michael de León

Transforming homes and elevating spaces is at the heart of Cadence’s mission. With a keen focus on intentionality and approachability, they deliver compelling, functional, and modern design solutions that breathe new life into every project. From concept to completion, they strive to transform homes into welcoming spaces that reflect their client’s unique needs and personalities. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for creation, they are dedicated to creating environments that inspire and delight.

The symbol serves as a quick recognition tool for the name and represents their purpose and output. It embodies the concept of new perspectives and holistic design thinking, representing their studio’s innovative approach and forward-thinking mindset.

In our color selection process for Cadence across digital and physical media, we prioritized hues that evoke warmth while conveying modernity and sophistication. By avoiding overly saturated tones and opting for a primary black as a foundational color, we effectively established their brand’s distinction in the market. This careful balance created a contemporary yet inviting aesthetic, resonating with their audience and setting them apart from competitors.

Before and After.

The previous logo served its time, but it needed to be updated as its aesthetic no longer aligned with Cadence’s design sensibilities.

In contrast, the new logo ushers in a fresh new chapter for Cadence—its sleek and modern design communicates clarity and purpose, instantly capturing attention and forging a solid connection to their architecture.

With its bold simplicity, the new logo serves as a beacon of the brand’s forward-thinking ethos, propelling it confidently into the future, ensuring recognition, and creating a dynamic connection to their body of work.

Our rebrand with Studio Mast marked the milestone of our design firm's first decade. Working with their talented team was a fantastic experience for us! As architects, it was a unique opportunity to see the design process from a different perspective. The process was clear, thorough, and extremely helpful.

Together, we delved deep into defining Cadence's core ethos to visually articulate our studio's values. Our new website and print materials are clean, minimal, and friendly, reflecting these values in a beautifully elegant way.

We can't say enough good things about the top-notch team at Studio Mast! This process was vital and rewarding for us, and we only regret not having done it sooner.
Angelo + Nancy Marasco

We collaborated with Cadence to produce a diverse range of printed collateral, facilitating their brand’s introduction to the world. From on-site visits to sample shipping, the Cadence team was keen on making a substantial impact with their new identity.

In developing the website, our goal was to strike a delicate balance between showcasing the Cadence brand and highlighting its projects. We meticulously crafted the website to serve as a comprehensive tool for the Cadence team, allowing them to effectively guide prospective clients through their entire process and exhibit the end results. Throughout this process, we remained steadfast in adhering to the ethos and values of the Cadence brand, ensuring that every aspect of the website reflected its spirit and commitment to intentionality.

Deliverable Art Direction
Sector Design & Architecture
Year Feb 2024