Deliverable Art Direction, Strategy
Sector Arts & Culture
Year Oct 2016

Artifact Uprising Layflat Books

Drawing on time-honored binding techniques, the Layflat Album features ultra-thick pages that lay flat when open for seamless panoramic impact.

Flexibility Within a Rigid Form

In 2015 we worked with the internal team at Artifact Uprising to help develop a brand new product, Layflat Photo Books.

Their consumer base uses their books for a wide variety of purposes; from wedding photographers creating albums for clients, books commemorating the birth of a child, to family vacation photo albums.

This product had to be flexible enough to fit all possible uses, and well. We worked to develop a system of fabric colors, type, foil colors and foil locations to achieve this.

These books weren’t always going to be prominently displayed on a coffee table. We had to make sure that even if they ended up on a shelf, they would be easily recognized and understood. Especially as part of a set.

These books are meant to be held, opened, and reopened. We had to make sure that they weren’t too large that they became too cumbersome to hold and flip through. For that reason, they come in a variety of sizes that are easy to hold and enjoy.

Deliverable Art Direction
Sector Arts & Culture
Year Oct 2016