Woven Laine

Through chaos comes order.

When creating the brand for Woven Laine, it was important to show the process of creation. The ornate geometric tapestries start out as many different colored balls of yarn, and are molded and woven into something precise and beautiful. The brand becomes flexible throughout the use of the exploded pattern, consisting of the various logo pieces. The logo itself is a representation of the final product—concise and thoughtfully assembled.

One of a kind personality

Many of the pieces that are created have so much personality and presence in the room, our goal was to give Woven Laine a brand that had the same personality. As geometry is a key to Woven Laine’s designs, it was important to parallel that with the secondary graphics of their brand.

The pattern is an integral part of the brand, representing the chaos of the yarn before woven. It balances with the solidified woven mark to show the process of creation.