Tanoshii Ramen

Website TanoshiiRamen.com

One Small Step for Ramen

Tanoshii is Dallas, Texas’ first dedicated ramen shop. The brand has a distinct grit to it that blends perfectly with the Deep Ellum neighborhood where it is located. Since Tanoshii is acting as an introduction to ramen, it is important to Mast to instill a bit of the food’s history to contrast the modern styling of the brand’s typography.

What's with the Target?

The logo mark represents literally the bowl and the noodles, but more importantly it was a nod to ramen being a centric food for bringing the family together and nourishing them.


The Final Touch

The final installment of the brand was a 30 foot mural we applied via wheatpaste. Over 2 days we applied the mural one panel at a time then ripped, tore, and weathered it until it looked as though it had been there for years.