Roar Groupe


You Will Hear Us

Roar is a new digital marketing agency in NYC. They formed underneath Publicis Groupe when they won the bid to be JP Morgan Chase’s Agency of Record. To tackle the task, a dedicated team called ROAR was formed. We worked together with ROAR to create a comprehensive brand to announce the new entity.

Instant Legitimacy

With such established roots as Publicis Groupe and such high expectations from JP Morgan Chase, it was important that there were no weak links in the proverbial branding chain. Right from the start, Mast set up ROAR with a thorough system for color and typography hierarchy as well as guidelines which forecasted all future implementations of the brand.

The lion head icon quickly grew into a badge of pride for the ROAR team. It is a symbol for their aggressive, vocal and tenacious personality. Yeah that’s right we said pride. See what we did there?