MiddleState Coffee

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Representing Colorado in the Coffee Roasting Industry

It is important to Jay and Dustin of MiddleState Coffee to represent Colorado with their new venture. Luckily, they are keenly aware of the commonly used motifs, colors, and textures used to represent the “Mountain Region” and are eager to steer clear of them. We helped them create a brand that is true to their home but also their style and aesthetic sensibility.

Coffee Black

Starting from zero with MiddleState gave us the opportunity to forecast their future needs. Without knowing what their future product line would look like, it was important to keep a simple, consistent base that could endure.We intentionally steered clear of the brown, kraft, and gritty motifs commonly used in coffee. Instead, we implemented black and white as the main brand colors and a dot grid as the main brand pattern.

Colorado is home for MiddleState, and it was important to not lose that in the pursuit of a clean, contemporary brand. The mark itself is where the nod to the Rocky Mountain State landed. The “mountain mark” represents both the mountains as well as the “M” of MiddleState. The sun coming over the mountains is a reminder of the more than 300 days of sunshine Colorado enjoys each year.

In the end, the brand represented the process by which Jay and Dustin present their coffees. Simple, clean and straight forward.