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The Smartest Creative Agency You’ve Never Heard Of

Javelin approached us for a rebrand when they realized a simple problem: They know how to make everyone look awesome but themselves. Javelin has been the Agency of Record for AT&T for over a decade. No other company can boast such a track record. Unfortunately, while they launch brilliant ideas like AT&T Uverse for their clients, they’ve forgotten to take care of their own identity. Mast was brought in to recreate the way they are seen by others, but also how they see themselves. We focused on brand strategy for new business, enduring previous business, as well as in-office culture.


Every single piece of material coming out of Javelin, whether used externally or internally, was reimagined and redesigned so that it is tirelessly consistent. Internal collateral, new employee orientation, and new business pitch materials are all brought under the new brand umbrella.

We have more than 14 PHD's on staff. The amount of genius walking these halls is staggering. You can't leave that part out of the brand. - Marc Garbarini | Javelin Creative