Glass Optical


Classic and Simple, yet Rebellious

Glass Optical has had a very clear goal from the start: Offer the best product, environment, and service that Dallas has experienced from the optical industry. Rather than opening up shop in one of the many expensive retail strips in the city, the Wilkes family chose to stay at home in their neighborhood of Oak Cliff, where high-end boutique shopping is not the norm. This investment in community and neighbors is authentic to who Glass Optical is.

Relentless Service

The Wilkes’ wanted to make sure there were no gaps in the customer experience at Glass. Custom cleaning cloths, lens cleaner, and appointment reminder mailers were just part of the personalized experience. Each pair of glasses also comes with a card signed and dated by the employee who cut their lenses by hand.

Midcentury Gothic

A massive effort was put into making sure the interiors of Glass were equal in quality to the product offering. It was important that the process of purchasing glasses and receiving an eye exam was an experience not dreaded, but looked forward to.

Retail is seasonally based so as soon as we were done with the brand, we wanted to see how it translated to year-round campaigns. - Paul Wilkes | Glass Optical

Holiday Campaign & Packaging

Spring/Summer Campaign & Packaging

Family Business

After previously pursuing separate careers, Steve and Paul Wilkes, father and son, dreamed up Glass together. The welcoming feel of the space, the service, and the quality of the product evoke the classic personality of a family-owned business.