The Beginning of a Legacy

Filison is a land and mineral royalty acquisition firm operating out of Oklahoma. It is important to them to stand out from the extremely saturated market that is Oklahoma oil & gas. Mast created a brand with a modern appeal that would speak to a younger demographic of untapped royalty owners, as well as give a mid-century nod to his previous family generations in the oil and gas industry.


The Filison owner, T.S., started at square one with Mast. He asked us first and foremost to name the company. T.S. explained that while he had his hand in many fields, he specifically wanted his efforts in the oil & gas industry to be a company he would one day hand down to his two sons. Filios which is the Latin translation for “sons” is our inspiration for the final name of Filison.

No one tries to truly represent their personality in oil & gas. It was important that my brand felt as close to sitting across the table from me as possible. - T.S. Clinton | Filison