Anchor Down


Anchor Down to Party

After the success of their first restaurant, The Mule, the owners set out to elevate the idea of what a corn dog could be as they had with grilled cheese. Keeping with the industrial theme of the storage container where they set up shop, the brand is bright, bold, and eager to never take itself too seriously.

Corn Dog, Korn Dog, Snoop Dogg

A combination of¬†traditional industrial style, heavy inspiration from WPA posters, and sarcastic copywriting lead to a loud and sometimes goofy tone for the restaurant’s brand. This was done to fall in line with the personalities of the owners themselves.

Creating the Container

The interior of the shipping container is a major support point for the restaurant’s brand. The colors, patterns, and illustration are¬†all over the interior continuing the loud, bold theme of brand build-out.

People, Planes, and Cows

As the brand was coming close to wrapping up, the owners made one last request: On-brand WPA posters full of the sarcasm that is prevalent throughout the brand.

Once we had the industrial/propoganda style going, I knew we had to make our own WPA style posters with our sense of humor. - Cody Rowan | Anchor Down Co-Owner