New Merger Needed New Face

ALY Centrifuge is a resource recovery company for the oil and gas industry. By recovering, cleaning, and reusing materials that are left over as a product of oil drilling, they make the entire process cleaner, more affordable, and more efficient. ALY represents the partnership of 3 companies with long history in the oil and gas business. Mast was brought in to create a cohesive brand umbrella that would unify the new partners.

A Simple, Positive Statement

First and foremost, we wanted to create a mark that would securely fit into their industry. Many of ALY’s clients and contacts have relationships going back generations, so a sense of timeless stability was key. Secondly, we wanted to create separation from their competitors. To accomplish this we combined two simple ideas: An upward arrow representing the energy literally being pulled up, cleaned, and harvested from the ground, and the “A” Icon they could rally around as their badge.

After the creation of the custom wordmark, we expanded the type into a complete font in order to give a consistent headline style across all branded material. ALY Regular was the result.

Mast took the time to learn about the business and fully understand our needs and expectations. The end result was right on target. - John Otjen | Aly Marketing